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Throwing Caps


在 Thetaworks,我們相信每一位學生都可以擁有一條獨特的學習道路,擁有敬業的屢獲殊榮的教師和優質的學習資源。我們旨在提高學生的學習興趣,並鼓勵他們深入挖掘自己的熱情。我們的目標是為有需要的學生和家庭提供優質教育。


College Advising


What should you do in each grade level and how can we help?

Grade 7-8

Grade 9-10

Grade 11

Grade 12

Passion Project Advising

How can you show colleges that among all their highly qualified applicants, you’re someone they want to have on campus?

College Essay Support

How can you show your unique quality in a few hundred words?


We offer a holistic review and advising for each student based on their background.

We help students not only for college admissions, but a process of self-awareness and questing motivations.

We work closely with parents and students to make college planning better suited for both individual and family goals.

Student Admitted to:
UC Berkeley, UCLA, Claremont McKenna, Cornell, Barnard 

“Ms. Madeleine did far more than simply help me with essays. She took the time to understand who I was as a person, beyond my resume. She took my history, my fears, my passions, and helped me transform my application from a sales pitch to a window into my soul. I can’t recommend her services enough.” 


Student Admitted to:
Columbia, NYU, UPenn

"I have never encountered a counselor like Ms. Woods. She saw me as a person– not a job or another student. She immediately identified what made me unique while finding creative ways to amplify those characteristics. I feel so grateful to have had her counseling since  sophomore year. She helped plan the camps, internships, and academic narrative that helped me succeed. By the time we needed to write essays, my ‘story’ was so clear, they almost wrote themselves.” 

Student Admitted to:
Harvard, UMichigan, Colorado College, Scripps College

"Madeleine is a fighter. She becomes very protective of her students and helps us with far more than academics. Madeleine stays after sessions to hear about your day and cheers you on in every aspect of your life. She was so proud when I was admitted to her alma mater."

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