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Grade 9-10

It's important to strategically plan your high school year. We work with each student fully based on their unique passionate path toward college applications and career planning.

Monthly Sessions

12 hour-long sessions are built into the yearly package. These will provide time for student-counselor introductions, data collection, and student interviews. After these preliminary stages, sessions will evolve to narrative creation, skill identification, and progress monitoring.


Narrative Buildout

This is the core of Thetaworks Counseling. Beyond preparing a student academically and creating a strong resume, students need to create a compelling narrative. This unique “story” will help students stand out when it comes to college admissions.


Strategic Activity Planning

Activities, volunteering, and competitions are essential to crafting a strong resume. Thetaworks counselors, after creating the “Narrative Buildout,” will help students select activities that will highlight their strengths.


Student Performance Monitoring

Once an action plan for a student is created, counselors will focus on keeping them on track. This will center around monthly check-ins and tutoring


On-Demand Resources

Thetaworks also provides a host of on-demand resources. Articles, classes, progress reports, and more!


Emergency Academic Support

If a student is struggling with a class or activity that may put their future application in crisis, Thetaworks counselors are always there with emergency assistance. Speeches, tests, papers, and counseling are available at all times.



Whether a student requires more support or wishes to advance their skills beyond regular school work, Thetaworks has a range of classes to help. These classes can easily be added to our general offerings. Find the full course list here


Passion Project

This addition helps a student focus and perfect a single passion project. Whether this be a competition, a book, or an invention, Thetaworks counselors are here to help. Your student will get one-on-one sessions toG help them achieve their dreams— and bolster their resume. You can find the full program description here.


Test Prep

During these years, preparing for standardized tests (SAT and ACT) are essential. Statistically, students have the best success after studying for two years and taking their exams in Junior Year. Thetaworks provides students will prep for both test types, which will ensure that they stand out to competitive universities. Sign up for test prep and other courses here.


Summer Planning

This extends the “Strategic Activity Planning” included in the basic package to the summer as well. Counselors will help select camps, internships, and volunteering experiences that best align with their narrative and future application. Students will also be supported if these sumer activities require applications. 

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