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Dr. Lan Publishes A New AMC 10 Preparation Book

This is a useful book for students to self-study, with the goal of Reaching higher-level math competitions (AIME and USAJMO).

Explore hundreds of recent AMC 10 competition problems, problems from AMC 8, AMC 12, and AIME, and many author-created problems that have never been used before. The authors’ discussions, thought processes, and problem-solving strategies will help improve students’ ability to crack challenging problems.

This book aims to assist the teaching of mathematics competitions, and help students who have a certain foundation in mathematics competitions and hope to improve their scores in the AMC 10 competition to break through the difficult questions in the exam and successfully enter AIME. The authors Dr. Lan Sikun and Zhang Qiao summarized the key and difficult topics in AMC 10 over the years, and carefully selected representative and inspiring topics to include in the four chapters of geometry, algebra, combinatorics, and number theory.

The book is available to be purchased on Amazon.

The author uses a novel dialogue form to help readers clarify and establish problem-solving ideas and improve problem-solving ability step by step by analyzing topics, forming problem-solving strategies, using mathematical knowledge and skills, and exploring different problem-solving methods. The author also shares the experience of participating in the US Mathematical Olympiad, practical experience, and strategies for coping with the competition. Each chapter is followed by targeted practice questions (original questions from AMC competitions and original questions from some authors) to help readers consolidate their grasp of the problem-solving ideas for various types of key and difficult topics and improve their ability to think by analogy and solve mathematical problems.

About Authors:

Lan Sikun “Kevin": He graduated from Peking University and UCLA with a Ph.D. in Mathematics. He participated in many mathematics competitions when he was a student and has more than ten years of rich experience in teaching mathematics competitions. Dr. Lan is also a high school math teacher and decathlon coach, an AP teacher and grader for the College Board.

Zhang Qiao "Tiger": He joined the USA Mathematical Olympiad training team in 9th grade and won the USA AMO gold medal. This book took two years to complete, embodying the author's sincere love for mathematics teaching and learning. AoPS founder Richard Rusczyk recommended this book and wrote a preface for it.

The book is available to be purchased on Amazon.

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